StepSponsorDA is a bit different from a typical DA meeting in that we are a facilitated, structured, sequential 12 step workshop that restarts every 2 months. There are multiple ways to participate: live conference phone calls, recorded calls, and online message boards.

Online members, thanks for your support and participation since 2007. We have New Subgroup;
StepSponsorDA Online Sharing Experience Strength Hope (ESH)
An online forum expressly for posting sharing of DA experience strength and hope with our Debtors Anonymous Tools, Steps and Service work. For an invite to our interactive online Study Group - CLICK -
Phone Members, to join our daily StepSponsorDA live interactive phone study workshop send an e mail with the word "Newcomer" in the subject line to
The Purpose of StepSponsorDA
The purpose of this DA step study workshop is to learn precisely what our approved DA & AA literature says, learn more about the nature of our disease, learn precise directions & prayers indicated in the twelve steps & tools of DA, to grow in spiritual awareness & to support each other in the practice of these principles in all our affairs. We take the steps rapidly. We apply the experience, strength & hope found in the literature to our own recovery. We commit to learn a method of sponsorship through the literature. We commit to carry this message to the compulsive debtor who still suffers & expand the culture of service in Debtors Anonymous.
In this workshop we are here to read, study, act upon & discuss the directions & prayers in a designated piece of DA/AA conference approved literature. We claim an environment where it is agreed that we share about, & place our focus upon, our experience of living the solution through abstinence, spirituality and working the steps of Debtors Anonymous. In respect for that environment, those who are not yet abstinent, who do not identify as debtors & who have not yet done the indicated DA step work will use this forum for reading & absorbing the experience of abstinent recovering debtors. 
This environment is intended as a 'hub' where debtors worldwide may request help & support with the basics of their DA recovery in multiple ways: Via Online, Conference Phone calls and Recordings. 
We avoid outside issues. Specifically for purposes of this workshop, self-help, therapy, other treatment models, other addictions, other 12 step programs, compulsive underearning, clutter and time are all considered outside issues.

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