NUMBERS and Record Keeping: Experience Strength and Hope from Individual Members

A Key DA tool is Record Maintenance. Debtors Anonymous literature recommends that all members have a personal Record Keeping and Maintenance method. However, DA does not endorse any one method in particular. This tool helps us get honest, get clear and hopefully keep us out of trouble. If your record keeping method brings you integrity, clarity and serenity it is probably working!

This group was created as an SSDA Members' blog to help one and other. We share various individual WAYS and METHODS of record keeping as well as posting personal sample templates that other members may want to try. Members with strong Record Maintenance experience may offer to help others with a desire to grow in this area. All material shared is strictly that of the member who posts it. This blog is for use as a starting point for those DA members who have been challenged by record keeping or who want to improve their upon their individual method. As such, no individually posted material is either DA Conference approved literature, nor it endorsed by the DA World Service Conference. 

To see Individual member postings of sample record maintenance, on the menu, select MESSAGES or FILES

As with all 12 Step Recovery Programs, getting clear is just a beginning. Do read the Debtors Anonymous Conference approved literature and use the member generated material to supplement. For lasting healing, experience has shown us that we also need to get a sponsor and work the spiritual 12 Steps. What we found is: spend time with your numbers, but spend more time with your Higher Power.

We're just here to help. Take what you can use and leave the rest. WELCOME

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